A complete renovation of the Law offices of McGrane and Schuermann in downtown Colville Washington at the town center included new cabinets, desks, and many other details.  Here's what they had to say!

"To Whom it May Concern

Ted Pancoast has just completed the cabinetry and counter top installation and remodel of our law offices in the Washington Mutual Building in Colville, Washington.

Ted picked up on this project in the middle of what was becoming a fractured disaster.  Ted's skills, personal demeanor, and work ethic quickly turned this project around.  Ted listens to clients and understands that remodeling projects are budget and time driven.  The end product was a quality installation within the time frames that we needed.

I have personally had the experience to work with a variety of contractors and recognize Ted's high level of skill.  Equally as important is Ted's approach of listening to the needs of the client and blending them with the technical aspects of custom cabinetry and woodworking.  This is a great combination of skills.

I would highly recommend Ted Pancoast for any custom cabinetry and woodworking project for all of these reasons.


Charles P. Schuerman
Attorney at Law
(509) 684-8484
Here's a small list of just a few other things our customers had to say:

"I love my cabinets!  They are absolutely wonderful!"  Doug Anderson, Hometown flooring

"... Our first meeting was GREAT!  We were impressed by Ted's friendly, easygoing yet professional manner.  Ted was able to work within our budget and made good suggestions for the design.  The cabinets were built on time and installed with precision.  Ted's crew all have a great attitude and were very helpful.  I would highly recommend Ted's Cabinets, I believe they will last for many years."  John Booth 509-722-3150

"...thank you so much for making my kitchen EXACTLY what I wanted!"  Kelli Knight

"...we are thrilled with our cabinets, thanks Ted!"  Buck and Evonne Hall

".... you are the MAN, yours is always the first card we give out."  Scott Thompson, Inmans Home Design

"I wish all of our vendors were as good as you guys!  I really appreciate your promptness!  You guys are great to work with"  Ryan Warner, Hewes Marine

"Keep up the hard work and dedication, it shows in everything you guys do.  You are really doing great work!"  George Bybee, Bybee Construction

"My kitchen is perfect!  It's my favorite part of my new house!"  Katie Freeman

We have hundreds of satisfied customers, give us a call and we'll give you a reference near you!  Our list of satisfied customers goes on and on!  Check it out!

Gordon and Karen Struve     Jen and Kelli Knutson        Roy and Debbie Sparks

Barbara and Leo WipplingerDwayne and Mary Ellen BrookoverKent and Bev Brown

Don and Vicki Olson      Shane and Leah Heideman     Doris and Jerry Falk

Ron and LaRae Testerman   Katie and Andy Peterman        Laurie and David Kulp

And hundreds others!  Commercial references include...

Hewes MarineDanekas Funeral Chapel    Mount Carmel Hospital

Meyers Falls Market     TJ's Tavern            Empire Nissan

RPM Distribution                 Jefferson Country School District      Willamette Corrugated

A beautiful white Shaker cabinet project tour