Ted Pancoast, owner

Ted's love of woodworking started early in life. Starting with small tools, he felt the deep satisfaction  that comes with creating projects with wood.  After attending the University of New Hampshire in Durham, NH and studying Electrical Engineering, Ted moved back to his native Denver Colorado and began combining his woodworking and engineering talents.  Starting in commercial woodworking and combining state of the art technology with traditional woodworking, he quickly built a business that earned an outstanding reputation for it's casework.

After moving to Washington state in May 2000, Ted served as president of the Northeast Washington Woodworking Guild and continues to enjoy the profession of woodworking and cabinet work.

Our Cabinets

At Ted Pancoast Woodworking, we pride ourselves on using state of the art equipment to produce cabinets of the highest quality.  We use only the finest 3/4 inch thick materials for the cabinet components and assemble the case using solid birch dowel pins.  This translates into a structural integrity that is unmatched in the cabinet world.

After machining, all of our woodworking is hand sanded and assembled to give it a softness that can't be achieved with machinery.  You'll feel the difference when you touch our casework!

To top it off we use the highest quality catalyzed conversion varnish as a finish.  With extremely high chemical and abrasion resistance, our finish will protect your cabinets for years to come.  Built in Ultra Violet ray inhibitors insure that your cabinets will look as beautiful in the future as they do today.

Our Process

From the beginning, you'll be working with professional craftsman and designers.  Our computer technology will allow you to view a scaled 3 dimensional picture of your cabinets long before any production begins.  You'll be able to choose from thousands of door styles all made in here in the US by local experts who care.  For more information, check out www.walzcraft.com.

After designs are complete, our computer lays out all of the necessary parts on 3/4 inch sheets to optimize material usage and eliminate waste.  By using this technology, we keep costs down and help to conserve our forest resources.  We use only the highest quality hinges and drawer glides.  The end product is one that we are extremely proud of.  All of our cabinets carry a lifetime warranty against defects in material and craftsmanship.
A commercial casework
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